Despite All Odds

June 1, 2022
Rainbow in Someone else’s cloud
June 1, 2022




The pandemic has significantly disrupted the education sector- which is a critical determinant of a country’s economic future. In India, Millions of students have been affected by COVID-19  along with school closures. However, the government quickly recommended shifting to “online teaching & Learning”. Child Trafficking is on the rise as Education has taken a backseat and survival of an average Poor Family with many Mouths to feed has taken the lead. Helping such Families with Food & Ration and Keeping their Children busy with Digital Education somehow could steer us clear of all the Evils of the Society.





Widening levels of Education seem to magnify the digital divide. Therefore to address this needand to promote inclusion Literacy India started Virtual Classes along with tech integrated teaching. To continue  Our Education innovation- Gyantantra- Udbhav, most of the students were distributed, Android Tabs, Recycled Desktops and Laptops. Response from the students was very encouraging, and We are thankful to our Educators who courageously took classes by the Road-Side, outside their homes and even in the Public Parks.

Literacy India has been extremely successful in delivering high-quality learning despite the pandemic via the Gyantantra Digital Dost project.( With the teachers via spending a lot of effort in creating assignments, work sheet created a newlearning model for children.

Literacy India has to help over 50,000 students till March 2021 who are school drop-outs and had been going to Govt Schools. These Students need help from our Society , Foundations, Institutions, Individuals and Govt.