Literacy India and Digital Empowerment to Underprivileged

Non-profit organizations are doing stellar work in providing quality education to the underprivileged section of society and assisting them in breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Literacy India is among such revolutionary non-profit organizations that are working towards imparting education and skills to rural and semi-rural women, youth, and children. Launched in 1996, the non-profit organization is putting its best foot forward in providing selfless services that bring a smile to the faces of the unprivileged section of society. Recently, the organization has come forward and collaborated with Dell Technologies to empower the vulnerable section of society.

Literacy India is meticulously working across 15 states and has served over 7,50,000+ people through its different projects in the past 25 years.

The organization is following the mantra of four very powerful yet basic human rights that includes Education, Employment, Empowerment, and Environment. With a focused mindset and a result-oriented approach, Literacy India, a notable non-profitable organization is introducing the students to vocational skills and alternative models of education that value their needs and rights.

Literacy India's Partnership with Dell Technologies

Literacy India with the assistance of Dell Technologies is providing the unprivileged with educational support which entails a 600 hours program that runs offline as well online during pandemic. The classes included a variety of subjects, including English, Value Education, EVS, and Math, as these are some of the disciplines that every student should learn.

With support from Dell Technologies and in sync with Industry 4.0, Literacy India has pioneered the delivery of Future Skills training for students covering courses on Python coding, digital marketing, web designing, artificial intelligence, machine learning & developing computational skills. Also, the NPO is taking care of the needful by offering technical courses to their students and the program has gained a massive amount of popularity among the masses.

Remaining Resilient and Adapting to circumstances in Pandemic

The organization Literacy India is putting forward the mission to impart digital skills to future-proof vulnerable youth by running all its courses on schedule, digitally as mandated by the Government. COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest source of motivation behind highlighting the importance of this training multi-fold, as all businesses and customers were forced to go online. With the foresight to develop courses and delivery mechanisms to equip youth with digital courses, Literacy India is going ahead and helping the underprivileged section of society. Thus, with its noble approach and productive mindset, the non-profit organization is aiming to produce services that make the underprivileged up-skilled. 

Response From An Interview

Dell Technologies senior director, Mr. Vikhyat Singh in an interview with 104.8 FM radio shared his experience being in partnership with Literacy India and said "we have impacted two lakh lives in 15 states"

He added that "throughout the journey, it has revolutionized and accelerated the delivery of quality education".  And about their aim he said "we certainly wanted to equip the youth with 21st century skills".

They have even managed to provide necessary services to their beneficiaries at the time of COVID-19. Vikhyat Singh was so pleased to recall their hard work during the pandemic.

"We along with Literacy India, arranged food, grocery, medicines and other necessary items to the beneficiaries who lost their livelihood", he said.

Being Agents of Real Change

Anu, a beneficiary of Literacy India and Dell Technologies, narrated that she is a student of Delhi University.  During the lockdowns, she has productively utilized her time by joining a digital marketing course In Literacy India. From the project team she understood the importance of such a skill and its role in shaping her future. Anu has successfully completed the course and now she is working part time with a digital marketing agency as a content writer. Anu joyfully added that after graduation, she will apply for a full time job in the field of digital marketing.

Hopefully Captain Indraani Singh, the Managing Trustee of Literacy India shared that at Literacy India, the biggest solace is that every person under our programmatic embrace, who is in need of education and empowerment will receive utmost support to attain their best potential and later to become a responsible citizen.

Published On: December 30, 2021 21:48 IST, Business Standard

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