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Duration -283 Days

₹170200 Goal

Empower Women- Prosperous Nation

Empowered women can create a stronger, more progressive and prosperous India. More resilient and futuristic communities require women who are independent, self-sufficient and strong. Help Literacy India set up more skill centres to support the livelihood and lives of women across the nation.

Let’s come together to create a new India with more empowered youth and women!

Contribute freely to this flagship campaign to gift empowerment to Indian mothers, sisters, daughters and daughters-in-law.

- Boost their confidence by helping them learn how to use sewing machines.
- Fuel our micro-entrepreneurship ideas for the youth to change their lives.
- Transform the destiny of families living below the poverty line through our livelihood creation and skill building efforts.
- Help build a nation where women are financially independent, confident and strong enough to lead happier lives.
- Provide new and growing opportunities for their ongoing development and growth.

Gift EMPOWERMENT & LIVELIHOOD to Indian women and the younger generation.

Included Details
  • 80G certificate
  • Thank you email
  • Pan India shipping is possible
  • Coupons for hand-crafted products
(Gift Coupons can be redeemed on Indha.in – A well-known project of Literacy India that aids the livelihood generation initiatives of Indha.)

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Organizer: Literacy India

Created: 15 Aug 22

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