Wastepaper Recycling Unit

Promoting sustainability and circular economy

Literacy India empowers unique and diversified models of need-based education, employability and social upliftment programs that factor in the importance of sustainability in context of project outcome as well as the environment.

In line with our goal of zero waste, the uniforms and school bags for our students are made from leftover materials at our tailoring units.

We have also integrated recycling and upcyling solutions in our endeavours to address the issues associated with disposal of solid waste and landfills in urban and semi-urban spaces. The recycling unit set up at the Centre of Excellence Indha Centre in Bajghera village, Gurgaon, transforms cotton waste from farmyard and factory floors into the finest quality stationery and packaging products.

Our education programs have modules that help students understand the impact of waste on the environment and the need for sustainable practices. They participate in practical assignments in school and regularly lead awareness drives to promote environmental sustainability in nearby areas. The stationery provided to them and the staff is also produced in-house from recycled materials.

The unit also addresses the need for livelihood and self-employment opportunities in rural and semi-rural women by training them in the art and craft of manufacturing world-class products and stationery through recycling .

We are committed to social sustainability and give back to the community in terms of recycled goods, conservation of water, and adoption of clean environmental practices by our students, people of the community, our customers and patrons.

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