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Gift Of Bicycle- Road To Transformation

Are you aware that several places in rural India have negligible infrastructure for higher education, especially for girls? Growing older, most girls have to drop out after the 5 th standard as they have to travel to faraway places to fulfil their dreams. It becomes difficult for their parents to ensure safe commute for them, thus bringing their schooling to a stop.

Every Indian girl deserves basic and higher education!

You can bridge the lack of easy transportation by gifting bicycles to girl students.

- Help them ride a bike to school to discourage early marriages, pregnancy in minors and their vulnerability to domestic violence.
- Save upon valuable travel time. Empower the efforts of girl students so that they get less tired and may retain their focus on studies.

A small help from your end can transform a life. You can take her out of poverty and make a girl child more confident, independent and self-sufficient.

GIFT A BICYCLE to create an India where EVERY GIRL CHILD can get EDUCATED.

Included Details
  • 80G certificate
  • Thank you email
  • Pan India shipping is possible
  • Coupons for hand-crafted products

(Gift Coupons can be redeemed on Indha.in – A well-known project of Literacy India that aids the livelihood generation initiatives of Indha.)

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Organizer: Literacy India

Created: 15 Aug 22

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