Management Team

Sohit Yadav

Sohit is the Project Director at Literacy India. He has been with LI for over 12 years now and has worked on different positions which involve project supervision, implementation of projects related to community welfare, education for the children, vocational training. A good communicator who has demonstrated a high degree of initiative and self-motivation, Sohit enjoys the challenges of a demanding work environment, and is conscientious with the ability to maintain consistency and high standard of work under pressure. Sohit has MCA and MSW degrees, and is an alumnus of the American Express Leadership Academy.

Sanghamitra Chanda

Sanghamitra has always been passionate about social welfare causes, but it was her long cherished dream to establish direct community connection. She joined the Literacy India team in 2010 and this association has given her the opportunity to realise her dream to intervene in new areas, meet challenges heads-on, and assimilate new scope and learning that paves her way of life and gives it new direction. A post-graduate in Sociology, she has previously worked in various organizations such as CRY, GIL, Action- Aid & Ministry of Women & Child.

Satya Prakash

Indha Craft’s Project Director, Satya, is a multi-tasker – a quality he imbibed despite the harsh challenges life threw his way. Afflicted with polio at the tender age of 5, he chose to not let circumstances get the better of him and financed his graduation studies in Engineering by working as a part-time tutor. His personal tryst with hardship at a young age continues to fuel his zeal for helping others in their pursuit of self-empowerment. He started his journey with Literacy India and is now Indha Craft’s chief champion, looking after the sales, marketing and communication strategies of the enterprise. He also manages the artisan and team level activities. His cordial and amiable attitude has helped the organisation expand its corporate and consumer network.

Vikas Goyal

As the Finance Manager, Vikas has been looking after the finance and accounts processes at Literacy India since 2012. He has a master’s degree in Commerce and around 20 years of experience in finance and accounts. He has previously work with the Amity Group, International Institute of Health Management and Research, JIMS and Arora Group of Companies.

Sunil Kumar Singh

Sunil is a qualified hardware and software professional. His contribution to the development of IT education modules has been immense. His knowledge and commitment have led Literacy India to create a niche in IT training across centres. He manages all IT processes related to maintenance and training including technical support during the deployment of our innovative ICT project “Gyantantra Udbhav (Digital Dost)” across India.
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