Our Approach

Performance with accountability

As a people – centric organisation, our approach to achieving desirable outcomes involves a system that creates accountability and recognises individual contributions. We have put in place a review system that will help us identify future leaders who can take our mission forward.When we started 25 years ago, we worked hands-on with passion and dedication. That continues even today except that we have put in place SOPs and processes to make interventions more structured.

To achieve organisational goals, we focus on:Governance: A group of experts from diverse backgrounds and expertise forms our Advisory Board. Together with our Trustee Board, it sets the guidelines to be followed by Literacy India. This team ensures good governance and compliance with best practices.

HR System: We have created an HR team which works under the HR director. It is responsible for –

  • Implementation of Key Performance Indicators
  • Human resource mapping
  • Human resource planning
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Capacity building
  • Periodic audits

Performance Audit: There are audit systems built into the operations process to ensure accountability and to comply with standard statutory norms.

  • Monthly reviews of each division, department and programme to assess impact and future planning; generate MIS reports
  • Quarterly reviews to assess performance and outcome
  • Annual appraisals to reward outstanding achievers
  • The Beneficiaries Management System tracks progress and development of beneficiaries across all programmes

Training and Development: A Department of Training and Development has been created to render in-house training and capacity building. It partners with experienced HR managers from corporate entities in training senior to mid-level management to streamline and strengthen organisational capability.