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June 8, 2022
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June 8, 2022

Science Daily

After Code Skilling Literacy, India got into teaching Robotics to the students of Vidyapeeth, Literacy India School in Village Bajghera, Gurgaon. STEM teaching through Robox, students are getting technology exposure along with education and fun. Concepts of physics and math covered such as reflection of light, friction, angle of reflection, movement and mechanisms are theoretically understood by performing practically. They learnt the basic idea of the robot and the internal theory of robot. Best Part they understood and related to Robot parts, description and functionality.Roboguru software and command coding robot to move, the basic idea of conditions and loops. They created the Cartwheel Robot. Another one was the Catapult mechanism, i.e. the action of tension and gravity force on a projectile in the catapult.

Saniya from 7th -A is best in everything, she can code fast and acquiring the skills to make her own code. Giving instructions to the robot was central theme where there is a plan flow. Students enjoyed building robots on their own, where they can see the science and technology concepts in a fun and close way.

Literacy India is getting these children ready with these Life Skills and Scientific temper for future.