Good Vibes Alert: Dreams Soaring to Sustainable Triumphs!

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March 8, 2024
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Good Vibes Alert: Dreams Soaring to Sustainable Triumphs!


In India, as companies and organizations wrap up their financial year, we too reflect on our journey. This year, amidst the hustle of closing accounts, we found ourselves taking a step towards sustainability. We reached out to women farmersoffering them mulching sheets and seeds to support their farming efforts. It may not have been a grand gesture, but the blessings we received from them felt priceless. We’ve captured a glimpse of this initiative in a humble video, a small token to share with our readers and friends. It’s another achievement for Literacy India, a reminder of our commitment to making a difference.

Meanwhile, from our centre in Kolkata, where dreams take flight and resilience echoes in every corner, we’ve heard inspiring stories. Individuals like Sneha and Somnath have defied the odds to pursue their dreams. Through our vocational training programs, we’re not just imparting skills; we’re opening pathways to success. From beauty and wellness courses to mobile repair and even drone piloting, Literacy India offers diverse training opportunities tailored to meet the evolving needs of our students. Sneha’s journey is a testament to perseverance, while Somnath’s passion for photography found wings through our programs, leading him towards becoming a 
certified drone pilot.

At Literacy India, storytelling isn’t just about reporting;
 it’s about empowering individuals to rewrite their
 narratives, overcome obstacles, and reach new heights.

In the bustling streets of Nawbhanga, Chingrighata, Kolkatalives a beacon of resilience and determination – Sneha, a 22-year-old whose journey through life’s trials has been truly inspiring. Life can be tough, but Sneha’s story reminds us that when faced with adversity, humans have the remarkable ability to persevere and make things happen. In 2016, Sneha experienced the heart-wrenching loss of her father, thrusting her into a world of responsibilities alongside her devoted mother. With her mother working tirelessly as a part-time tailor and homemaker, Sneha became the pillar of support for her family. Despite the weight of her responsibilities, she remained undeterred in her pursuit of education and a better future. Completing her schooling and venturing into higher education, Sneha’s determination knew no bounds as she pursued a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Juggling her studies with providing home tuition for additional income, she exemplified resilience and perseverance. Driven by her dreams of becoming an e-journalist, Sneha sought to acquire additional skills. Through Literacy India’s field visit program, she discovered a newfound passion for the beauty and wellness industry. Sneha learnt beauty wellness, which made her intelligent and well-groomed – qualities highly valued by the hospitality or travel industry. Enrolling in the “Beauty and Wellness” course, she honed her skills in threading, pedicure-manicure, skincare, makeup, and hair styling, paving the way for a modest income through home services. Sneha’s fortunes took a turn when Literacy India presented her with an opportunity at the prestigious 

Taj Vivanta Hotel in Kolkata. Leveraging her impeccable communication skills, she secured a position as an assistant chef, marking a significant milestone in her journey. With a monthly salary of Rs 10,000 and the promise of job security, Sneha embraced her newfound role with fervour and dedication. She understood that the skills she learned were never wasted; they became stepping stones to achieving her lofty goals. Grateful for the employment opportunity provided by Literacy India, Sneha continues to strive towards her dreams. Despite her demanding job responsibilities, she remains committed to her passion for journalism, engaging in self-education through books and online forums.

Her story serves as an inspiration to many youths who can learn to embrace challenges and view them as milestones on the path to success. Sneha’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles and reaching the pinnacle of life.

In the heart of every setback lies the seed of opportunity, waiting for the right moment to bloom. Allow me to introduce you to Somnath, a young man whose journey epitomizes determination and seizing opportunities amidst adversity. At just 21 years old, Somnath faced the harsh realities of financial strain during the challenging lockdown times. Dreams of pursuing higher education seemed distant as his family struggled to make ends meet. But amidst the turmoil, Somnath held on to his passion for photography like a guiding light in the darkness.

From capturing moments in wedding halls to envisioning a future beyond, Somnath’s spirit remained unwavering. Despite the hurdles, he sought avenues to manifest his dreams, and fate led him to Literacy India—

a Lighthouse in his journey. Enrolling in courses for mobile repairing, basic computer skills, and coding, Somnath embraced the opportunity for growth with open arms. Each lesson learned was a step closer to his aspirations, fuelling his ambition to soar to new heights.

Then came the pivotal moment—Literacy India organized a career fair called “Lakshay” which opened the doors of opportunity wide. Among the myriad possibilities, one caught Somnath’s eye—a chance to become a certified drone pilot and embark on a journey into the skies of endless possibilities.


This became his compass for direction and Somnath embarked on the rigorous training, sponsored by Literacy India. Somnath passed his exams and is certified by DGCA as a Drone Pilot. However, the story didn’t end there. He secured a job in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With a monthly salary, food, lodging, and travel provided by the company, Somnath’s life is on the flight where he has made his family proud, and most definitely Literacy India.

So, to all the dreamers and believers out there, remember Somnath’s journey of turning setbacks into stepping stones and transforming dreams into reality. Meanwhile, the work of Literacy India continues as there are many more dreamers out there to reach out to. We can use all hands on deck to help us out to help them.



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