Harita: Finds digital method interesting

Sometimes Things do Work Out
June 20, 2022

Harita is currently in the fourth standard. She is one among three children. Her father is a shopkeeper and her mother a housewife. Her father, being the sole breadwinner, finds it difficult to provide for the family

At the time of her enrollment into Pathshala, she was struggling with basic arithmetic and English. As per the standard operating procedure of the GDD Programme she underwent a pre-test and scored 23 out of 100. Her interest in academics was also dwindling.

However, with the introduction of the programme’s digital methodology, Harita began to get excited again. She attended classes regularly, took great interest in her academics and improved her grades. In the post-assessment, she scored 78 out of 100. She continues to work hard as she learns through the digital methodology. She hopes that one day she will be an engineer.