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Muskaan: It’s never too late
April 7, 2021
Yogesh: Adept at repairing mobile phones
April 7, 2021

Haseena: Showing potential

Haseena’s education has been erratic. Her parents come from a very humble background. Her father works in an egg shop while her mother works as a maid. For them, education is not of utmost importance. This has rubbed off on Haseena as well.

Before joining Literacy India’s programme, her academics were not of the level it should have been. Not just this, she would often get overwhelmed when there were a lot of children. Seeing this, Haseena was given individual attention and assistance. Her parents were also spoken to about the importance of education and how it will help Haseena in the future. They were also asked to encourage her learning and help her with her studies at home as well. Since then her academics has been gradually improving. She is also able to communicate better with her peers. According to her teacher Haseena has great potential and her improvement is a sign of it.