Inclusive Learning: Engage, Experience, Educate

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Inclusive Learning: Engage, Experience, Educate




“It is only through the exercise of our vote that we can influence the government and ensure that it serves the people.” – B.R. Ambedkar

The Literacy India team went door-to-door to encourage and motivate people to vote, emphasizing the significance of every single vote in shaping the nation’s future.

The election season has left a lasting impact on our community. Participants and organizers alike reflected on the significance of the event. The sense of unity, responsibility, and empowerment was palpable. Voting is not just a civic duty; it is a celebration of our democracy and a testament to our commitment to our country’s future.
Let us remember that every vote is a voice in the symphony of democracy. Your participation matters, and together, we shape the future of our nation. Reflect on your role in this process and continue to engage, educate, and empower those around you.

Mock Parliament at Vidyapeeth

Around eight years ago, we initiated the Mock Parliament at Literacy India, designed to educate students from classes 7th to 10th about the parliamentary process. This event mirrors a real parliamentary session complete with Question Hour and Debates. Students role-play as speakers, guards, ministers, and other officials, immersing themselves in the dynamics of policymaking. Topics such as pollution are discussed, encouraging students to critically think about national policies. To facilitate better understanding and engagement, we organized a visit to Parliament for the students.

Ritu Singh from class 12 shared her experience: “Participating in the mock parliament has been invaluable for my life. I learned how bills pass in parliament, the structure of the parliament, and how MPs and the president debate. It was fascinating to visit the real Parliament of India, seeing where the president sits, and learning the protocols. This experience was fantastic. ”

Activities Related to Election Season

Our centers buzzed with election-related activities, from debates and essay competitions to poster-making and outreach programs. At Bhati Mines Centre, 72 voters, including beneficiaries and staff members, cast their vote. Furthermore, they were engaged in discussions with officials from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). These officials, along with members of the DM office SHG, motivated the community and explained the importance of voting. They conducted a workshop highlighting the significance of voting, culminating in everyone taking an oath to exercise their right to vote.

Chai pe Charcha: Elections and Voting Rights

In a candid session titled “Chai pe Charcha,” teachers from various Literacy India programs gathered to discuss the importance of voting. This podcast, focused on the recent General Elections, featured diverse viewpoints and emphasized the power of civic engagement. 

One participant remarked, “Voting is not just a right, it’s a responsibility. Our discussions today reinforced that every vote counts and can shape the future of our country.”

Voting Participation & First Timers!

Our young team members, including project coordinators and backend support staff, marked their first-time voting experiences with enthusiasm and pride.   

 Sapna, 21, Pathshala Support Executive, shared her excitement: 

“Casting my first vote was exhilarating and empowering. Participating in democracy and making my voice heard was profound. Standing in line, feeling the weight of my decision, and marking the ballot was a moment of pride and responsibility I’ll always cherish. It showed that people are aware of their right to vote and are using it to choose their government.”

Krishnakant, 24, Project Coordinator, emphasized: 

“Voting is important. A single vote decides the future of our country, my family, not just mine. We don’t want a ruler. We vote to select a good leader.”

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