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June 8, 2022
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June 8, 2022

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Teaching coding through Animated game apps, fundamentally changing their relationship to technology to being a creator rather than a consumer. learn commands, loops, sequences and conditions which strengthen their logic and technical
This year we have introduced code skilling in our regular curriculum. First introduction was to the  Scratch program developed as block-based programming tool to give young students hands-on first try on programming.
Our Approach : We have started code session by leaving the students to explore on scratch . In no time students have started building their own stories , changing background , inserting sound and defining the movement of characters. After a week`s class we have deployed a fresh intern to teach this skill in a structured manner . The approach of this session was to make simple games. This helped students in understanding the logic of programming . At the end of one month  work shop on code skilling the children have been able to understand how to use Scratch and how they can design a game in scratch.