Literacy India and the budding coder

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May 18, 2022
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May 25, 2022

Literacy India and the budding coder

With Covid receding, children across the country bounce back and have shown excitement to go back to school. In most of the educational programs of Literacy India, technology is a way of life across the centers.

Students learn to think like programmers build fun and interactive projects in Scratch. Literacy India’s unique class and approach under future skill use the Scratch platform to make learning complex concepts and advanced programming skills fun!

When students complete Logic with Scratch, they :

  • Learn fundamental programming concepts such as custom blocks, lists, variables, and loops
  • Understand tools to apply logic to sprites and other Scratch elements
  • Gain a solid understanding of programming logic and computational thinking
  • Develop story and create a storyboard
  • Apply and use the logic to develop program, story

Budding Programmer

Sometimes families are essential in a child’s progress in academics. Shubham’s Father,Pradeep Kumar, works as a chauffeur with a family in DLF. His mother, Rekha Devi, works at her own tailoring shop in Bajghera Village. She stitches ladies’ dresses as a Tailor; this hardworking Family live in their ancestral home in village Bajghera, Gurgaon. Shubham’s elder brother is also studying in 10th grade in the same Bajghera government school.

Shubham is a student of Class 9th in Govt. Sr. Sec School Bajghera. He is enthusiastic about learning new things. He got the opportunity to learn coding for the first time in his school with the help of Dell supported future skill program run by Literacy India.

He is a quick learner and inclined towards computers and technology. He loves to read stories. He became pretty regular in school because of his interest in coding. As per his teacher, Shubham enjoyed coding projects completed in a given time. We could call him quite a design thinker due to his creative work.

Since every student had to do a Project as a part of the coding curriculum, Shubham decided to create a story of Greedy Crocodile. He managed to write his own code and graphics. He used 75 Blocks and 4 sprites to build this story. The final report is published on the scratch website (click the link to view the story). He gives credit to his teacher, who helped explain the concepts so he could understand.

He improved on Mathematics and Science; Shubham Says, “I am more confident in Mathematics now.”

Besides reading storybooks, Shubham like any other boy loves to play cricket and listen to Hindi songs. His aims are high in future, and he wants to be a computer engineer. After Literacy India started the Future skill program in the school, Shubham never missed a class. His next project is to use voiceover in his story.

Mr. Manoj Lakra, National Teacher Awardee 2020 , Elementary School Headmaster praised Literacy India’s efforts to build a solid foundation to understand STEM education better amongst the children.