Future Nation Builders – Literacy India ‘s Girl Power

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August 2, 2023
Village Jharna,Bokaro, Jharkhand.
Turning Pages, Shaping Minds: Teachers as the Keys to Literacy
September 9, 2023

Future Nation Builders – Literacy India ‘s Girl Power

Advancing girls’ education in India is crucial to achieving social progress, gender equality, and economic development. Historically, girls in India have faced various educational barriers, including societal norms, poverty, and discrimination.   Advancing girls’ education in India is a transformative endeavour that empowers individuals, families, and society. By fostering an inclusive and supportive educational environment, India can harness the potential of its female population, promoting gender equality and driving overall development and progress.

Since its inception in 1996, Literacy India has focused on Girls’ Education and Women’s empowerment and over the journey, more than six lacs girls/ women have been educated and skilled. 

In the heart of rural Uttar Pradesh, a young girl named Tannu was destined for transformation. Burdened by economic constraints, her family boldly moved to Bijwasan, Delhi, seeking better life opportunities. The survey team of Literacy India identified Tannu and encouraged her to join the Learning Centre at Bijwasan, attend the academic programme, and improve her scores. 

Although she initially faced challenges in some subjects, mainly English and Math, Tannu kept going. Instead, she turned her weaknesses into strengths through sheer hard work and perseverance. Her efforts were noticed, and Mensa India soon recognized her for her exceptional IQ score. Tannu’s consistent academic excellence at the Government Primary School earned her the support she needed to further her education at the prestigious Rotary Public School in Gurugram. She continued to shine there, achieving outstanding scores throughout her 10+2 education.

Undeterred by life’s challenges, Tannu set her sights on higher education and is pursuing a B.Sc. in Microbiology at the Institute of Home Economics. Her passion for science and learning has driven her to explore the fascinating world of microbiology, where she aspires to make a difference in the field. Tannu’s father, a skilled tailor working in an Export House, and her mother, a dedicated homemaker, couldn’t be prouder of their daughter’s accomplishments. Despite her remarkable achievements, Tannu remains humble and reserved, radiating brilliance in every aspect of her life. She has become a beacon of hope for her family and the entire community, proving that with determination and access to education, one can overcome any obstacles that life presents.

In the vibrant tapestry of Kolkata, a city known as the “Joy,” where dreams intertwine with determination, resides Kriti. A beacon of resilience and aspiration, she ardently pursues her twin passions: English and dancing. Despite financial constraints, her unwavering dedication fuels her ambitious goal of becoming a doctor.

Initially, a shy presence, Kriti found her voice within the nurturing embrace of the Remedial class at the Salkia Centre. Guided by her mentors, she shed her timidity, embracing an active role in various activities and cultivating a profound connection with the world of learning.

From spirited participation in quizzes to dynamic engagement in functional programs and Literacy India’s initiatives, Kriti harnessed the potential of the SMART board and customized interventions. The result? A remarkable transformation in her academic journey, notably excelling in English, Math, and Science. Her progress stands as a living testament to education’s power, dissolving obstacles in its path.

Kriti’s journey isn’t just personal; it resonates as a symphony of empowerment. Fuelled by an unyielding commitment and resilience, bolstered by the unswerving support of Literacy India, she confidently strides toward her dreams. Amidst financial challenges, her unbreakable resolve to honour her parents’ dreams continues to fan the flames of her determination.


In her extraordinary voyage, Kriti emerges as a luminous example of education’s transformative might. She embodies how education doesn’t just shape minds but empowers individuals to sculpt their destinies and conquer even the most daunting of adversities.

This is the heart-warming tale of Muskaan, a little girl whose tech interest shone brightly amidst life’s challenges. Born into a modest household in Bihar, her world was shaken when she lost her father at an early age. Financial hardships forced her family to leave school and migrate to Carterpuri, Haryana, where her mother toiled tirelessly in neighbouring homes to make ends meet.

But destiny took a turn when Muskaan was discovered through a mobilization survey orchestrated by the dedicated team at Literacy India. Enrolled in GyanTantra’s Level-1 classes, she faced initial struggles in her studies. Yet, with the aid of compassionate educators, she embarked on a journey of determination and growth – a journey that started with learning to hold a pencil correctly.

Through patient practice and the magic of digitally enabled teaching methods, Muskaan’s progress was nothing short of astonishing. She conquered the English alphabet, grasped the intricacies of vowels and consonants, and remarkably improved her prowess in Math. Her inaugural unit test scores were a testament to her relentless effort, displaying a remarkable leap from her initial performance.


Fuelled by her unwavering spirit, supported by her mother’s indomitable strength, and guided by nurturing teachers, Muskaan’s drive to excel was set ablaze. She embarked on a path of academic brilliance, transforming her journey from the dusty streets of Bihar into an inspiring narrative of resilience and unwavering determination.

Tribute to Nation to Be the Change

As we come together, let us march in unison towards the advancement of girls’ education in India. Empowering young minds through education not only illuminates the path to a brighter future but also shatters barriers and nurtures gender equality. Through investing in their education, we forge a stronger nation – a nation built upon inclusivity, innovation, and limitless potential.