My Buddy – Gyantantra Digital Dost

Story of Bishakha Lohar and Usha Rani – Two of a Kind , as a Team
June 8, 2022
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June 8, 2022

In India millions of children are living below the poverty line. Their aspiration gets wings if they are exposed to quality education.

Life had been hard for Savita and her Mother. She had lost her father at an early age after which her relatives took advantage of the situation and rendered Savita and her mother homeless. Savita`s mother migrated from Bihar to Village Ghataal, Bhiwadi, works as a laborer at a construction site. Here is a mother/Her mother who despite all odds did not deprive her daughter of/for going to school. Gyantantra was implemented in the Ghataal govt school supported by Ashiana where Savita studied.

 Gyantantra Digital Dost- an interactive e-learning software has provided a methodology of learning which has helped in the development of cognitive skills of children. GDD has transformed the conventional classrooms into student-centric advanced learning centres.

GDD or Digital Dost informs, educates and empowers.


English language is an important subject. It requires fours skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing and requires integration of all these four skills – ‘To speak is to listen and to write is to read.’ In general, English is seen as the toughest subject among the students of government schools. Savita is in Class VII, she became a champion in learning English through Gyantantra in a short span of time. She improved her reading comprehension and verbal communication skills.

Therefore, like Savita students have demonstrated confidence, self-awareness and growth in personality. The Gyantantra has revolutionized the education pedagogy and has improved the learning outcomes. Literacy India uses the self-designed Gyantantra software which orient children to digital technology , very early in life. Since they initiate their early education with technology that cultivate their interest in it, they decide to take it up and pursue in the future/and further decide to pursue in the future