Our Everyday is Environment Day

A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step
May 20, 2023
Preserving Heritage, Empowering Futures
June 24, 2023

Our Everyday is Environment Day

In a humble realm where education and environmental sustainability came together, there existed always striving organization known as Literacy India. For over two and a half decades, they have woven a tale of empowerment, knowledge, and a deep environmental commitment. Their endeavours extend beyond traditional education as they embrace the 4th “E”—Environmental Sustainability—striving to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and other crucial benchmarks.

One of their remarkable initiatives is the promotion of organic farming. Recognizing the need for sustainable practices and a reduced carbon footprint, Literacy India trains farmers in organic and natural cultivation methods. Men and women farmers in Rajasthan and West Bengal gather to learn the secrets of sustainable farming, ensuring food security and a healthier future.

 Amidst this transformative journey, meet Farmer Biramchand. With Literacy India’s guidance, he learnt the art of creating bio-fertilizers and pesticides from everyday resources, transforming his land into a thriving organic farm Biramchand’s shift to organic farming not only yields bountiful produce but also leads to significant financial savings. He shares his wisdom with fellow villagers, fostering a culture of sustainable agriculture and environmental consciousness.

Moreover, Literacy India harnesses the power of the sun through solar panels on their Vidyapeeth School’s rooftops, supplying 80% of their energy needs. They aim to achieve complete energy self-sufficiency, teaching students the importance of renewable sources and energy conservation.

Water conservation is another vital aspect of Literacy India’s journey. They have implemented a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system, replenishing underground water tables and utilizing water for gardens and other needs. Through their waste and paper recycling plant, they breathe new life into discarded materials, providing livelihoods and empowerment while preserving the environment.

Mohit Kumar’s journey began 18 years ago when his family relocated to Gurgaon in search of employment opportunities after their native area was affected by floods. They were adopted by Literacy India, who enrolled Mohit and his sisters in school.

In 2015, Mohit faced a setback when he was sent to a Juvenile Home for a petty crime. However, Literacy India supported him during this challenging time, bringing him back to school and teaching him the art of making Handmade Paper. After completing his studies, Mohit secured a paid internship and eventually became a Production Supervisor at the PowerGrid Paper Recycling Plant. Unfortunately, Mohit faced another setback when his parents passed away in 2018. The closure of the recycling plant due to the Covid-19 pandemic left him unemployed. However, Literacy India once again helped him by employing him as an Assistant at their Paper Recycling and Product Making Unit.

Mohit is now an inspiring figure, providing for his family and making valuable contributions to environmental conservation through his work at Literacy India.

In the present, Literacy India continues to intertwine education and environmental sustainability, igniting a spark within communities and creating a brighter, greener future. Their initiatives on organic farming, solar energy, rainwater harvesting, and waste recycling exemplify their unwavering commitment to the environment, inspiring responsibility, and positive change for generations to come.