Priyanka Yadav: Her zeal for learning helped her get a job

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April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021

Twenty-two-year-old Priyanka Yadav understood the importance of honing computer skills and hence started her journey. Her father died from jaundice five years ago and she is currently living with her mother and brother.

Priyanka is studying in Shree Jain Vidyalaya and enrolled in Literacy India with the zeal of gaining a skill that would help her secure a job. She is a regular student and has an ability to learn fast. Priyanka completed her course successfully and secured 82%.

During this course she also started applying to various companies and organisations for a job. With the help of Literacy India, she cracked an interview with an NGO named Calcutta Kids Trust (Howrah). Now her monthly income is Rs 7,000.