Rainbow in Someone else’s cloud

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June 1, 2022
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June 1, 2022

Rainbow in Someone else’s cloud

Literacy India`s core area is in area of Education and Livelihood, however every year we engage in many Health Camps with the help of Companies & Volunteers. This helps our beneficiaries with any kind of serious illnesses. These serious cases always gets a saviour .

About the Project

Project Aarogyam was initiated to provide access to basic medical facilities to the underprivileged sections in villages, with a special emphasis on students, women, and elderly people. The general health condition of people staying in rural India and urban slums is poor. Every summer and rainy season there is a diarrhea outbreak. In winter there are cough and cold problems. All through the year there is a trend of water borne diseases. It was in this backdrop that Literacy India set up the health project. The project includes direct support to beneficiaries through which they can avail medical treatment, referral services, health camps, regular health check-ups, eye check-up and dental check-up.

Highlights of 2019 -20 (Excerpts of Annual Report)

  • The health program benefitted more 6,358 children, women, and community members. Out of the total beneficiaries, 80 per cent were women and children.
  • Health camps were organised at Noida, Gurugram, Delhi and Kolkata to provide a deeper understanding about the importance of health and hygiene at a personal level and for the family at large. ·  Three eye camps and two dental camps were organised at Noida, Gurugram, Delhi and Kolkata with the support of Global Analytics IndiaBry Air AsiaDesiccant Rotors InternationalVerifone IndiaManav Jyoti Organisation and PHD Rural Development Foundation.
  • 10 students were provided cosmetic dentistry treatment by Pushpdant Dental Clinic.

Gunjan is being treated Gunjan, a 13-year-old who has been suffering from blood cancer did not have any fever or pain before getting diagnosed. After her parents noticed a small lump on her neck, she was taken to a government hospital from where she was referred to Safdarjung Hospital. After performing numerous tests, her disease was diagnosed. Due to extreme poverty her family was not able to bear the expense of Gunjan’s treatment.
Gunjan is a beneficiary of Literacy India studying in the school at Bajghera, Gurugram. Even though LI has extended its helping hand, the treatment requires a hefty amount. Hence Literacy India is raising funds for Gunjan’s treatment. Gunjan is not only getting treated and slowly getting better but she is also being assisted with books and Tab to study from home. Gunjan`s family is also helped regularly with Food and Ration during this Covid time. Hope is like a Sunshine and a Rainbow for Gunjan.