Ajay: The guitar guy
April 7, 2021

Sana: Cleanliness matters

During her Value Education Session, Sana, along with other classmates, proceeded to work on the problem of cleanliness in their community. They study in Class VIII. Together, the girls set out to first identify the problems in the area. They found that garbage was being thrown in open areas. Due to this, people living there were exposed to a lot of germs and a discomforting odour.

Sana and her classmates began a door to door campaign where they informed the residents of the harm that this will produce. She advised them to clean up the area. Soon, their goal was reached. The area was clean and continues to be so due to regular cleaning visits. She and her friends showed great dedication and consciousness when dealing with the issue of personal cleanliness and community sanitation.

As Sana says, “I now feel special and it has increased my confidence. My teachers encouraged me and my parents proud of me”.