Simran: Good analytical skills
April 7, 2021
Muskaan: Never Too Late - Education & Empowerment
Muskaan: It’s never too late
April 7, 2021

Shilpi: Inspired many girls

A top scorer, Shilpi studies in class VII and loves academics. Her discipline and dedication to learn has resulted in her top scores. Her teachers are often in awe of her capacities. When she isn’t studying, she is reading about famous personalities, curious to know how they succeeded in life

Interestingly, Shilpi is the first girl from her family to receive a formal education. Her parents took it upon themselves to educate her and make sure that she, too, has a successful career. Initially, her extended family did criticise their choices but soon, they changed their perspective. Looking at Shilpi, more girls from her family started going to school.