Shiwan: A natural in theatre
April 7, 2021
Shilpi: Inspired many girls
April 7, 2021

On her brother’s advice, 13-year-old Simran took admission in Vidyapeeth. She started out as a shy girl. Hesitant in class discussions and group activities, slowly but surely Simran began to open up. With the help of her friends and her teachers she was able to become more confident and assertive. This even reflected in her scores.

Her mentors remark that that has good analytical skills and is quite creative as well. During science week she prepared a sun dial and presented a play on BODMASS.

Her interests have lead her to begin learning Computer Hardware. She believes that this will equip her with the skills she needs to start earning soon.

Simran’s true passion lies in music. She loves to sing and hopes that one day she can be a well-known singer.