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January 2, 2023
The Story Behind the Smile
March 28, 2023

It is crucial that empowerment reaches the remotest corners of the country, especially economic empowerment.  Ashima Mandi, young girl, hails from Gobag of Neturia Block under Purulia District, West Bengal. Besides, her financial struggles she has been a brilliant student and is pursuing her BSc. from Panchakot Mahavidyalaya.  Her father is a small farmer and works parttime in a Sponge Iron Factory during off season.  To support her family financially Ashima started giving tuition classes, but rural students were unable to pay her fees and her financial status remain unchanged. 


A chance visit to Literacy India’s Raghunathpur Learning Centre and a conversation with the Coordinator of LI-Karigari Project changed the course of her life.  A resolute Ashima joined the Tailoring course that matched her interest. She was a laborious candidate and with regular encouragement from her trainer she was quick to pick the tricks of the trade.  She became an efficient tailor and started stitching apparels comfortably like, Nighty-Gown, Petticoat, Blouse, Kurta, Pants and Shirts.  After the completion of her course, she applied for financial support from Literacy India to buy a Sewing machine and started her own home-based enterprise.  Soon she became an expert in cutting and tailoring and enrolled herself with the local Self-Help Group.  Now she stitches students’ uniforms for local government school and executes timely orders for the nearby Asansol Market.  She is able to earn INR 3000/-

Today, for a lay person, “freedom” achieves its real purpose if there are opportunities to grow and develop.   Our Republic Day celebrations received meaningful impetus with one more beneficiary successfully starting his enterprise in his village.  Pawan Kumar, 18 years old and a native of village Garboliya, Mahoharthana, Rajasthan was not a very studious student and somehow managed his higher secondary education.  He wanted to pursue a degree course, but familial and other social responsibilities prevented him from higher education.  Keeping aside his everyday struggles he paved his way to success by sheer hard work and devotion when he enrolled for mobile handset repairing course at the Literacy India Centre. 


Pawan was regular, dedicated and a quick learner who grasped the basics of the mobile handset repairing techniques comfortably. His trainer remarked that Pawan Kumar is extremely inquisitive and possesses a clear goal to complete his course and start his own enterprise.  Soon after successfully completing his training, Pawan Kumar opened a mobile handset repairing shop in the vicinity of his house and started earning approximately INR 5000/- to 7000/- a month.  He is very happy and is providing other customer services like facility of e-payment of bills, recharging of mobiles besides handset repairing facilities.  Right guidance and training to Pawan, changed his life’s direction.


Literacy India once again crowdfunding for Helping and Supporting more Women from Underserved community .Your support build Stronger Nation. Year End you could claim your Tax Exemption with your contribution. We plan to support fifty Women before this Financial Year