Unlocking Potential: Literacy India’s Volunteer-Driven Education Initiatives

Preserving Heritage, Empowering Futures
June 24, 2023
Seeing is Believing
August 2, 2023

Deepali Dalmia and Sarika Agarwal, two passionate volunteers from well-off families, joined forces with Literacy India to establish a community center in Mohammadpur, Delhi. Their heartfelt dedication and connection with the local children gave rise to this impactful initiative, which continues to thrive with ongoing fundraising efforts.

Mohammadpur, a densely populated area in Delhi with a large migrant population, faces multiple challenges like inadequate amenities and unhygienic living conditions. Many children are deprived of education due to various reasons. To address this, Literacy India set up the Community Centre in Mohammadpur, focusing on quality education, especially for girls, while fostering values of health and responsible citizenship.

Through their relentless efforts, Literacy India has successfully motivated and guided numerous students to transition into regular government schools, granting them access to better educational opportunities. Additionally, the Karigari Project provides vocational training in cutting and tailoring, beauty and wellness, and computer courses, equipping students with skills aligned with the community’s needs and enhancing their livelihood prospects.

The Learning Centre in Mohammadpur has evolved into Project Sampurna Shiksha, embracing a holistic approach to education, skill-building, and empowerment with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Students actively participate in activities such as public speaking, creativity workshops, and self-expression exercises, fostering their personality development. SMART Classes, utilizing multimedia-based curriculum and tech-enabled teaching, enhance understanding, while remedial classes and mainstream schooling enable students to rediscover their potential and excel academically.


Reshma and Shahin’s success stories exemplify the profound impact of Literacy India’s efforts. Reshma’s determination propelled her to excel in technology, securing an internship at Policy Bazaar and paving the way for a promising career. Shahin’s perseverance enabled her to complete the General Duty Nursing course, uplifting her family’s financial situation and achieving personal success. The transformation in Mohammadpur showcases the transformative power of education and skilling. With dedicated volunteers, community support, and a holistic approach, Literacy India has reshaped the future for children and youth in Mohammadpur, providing them with opportunities for a brighter life.

Despite facing challenges, Reshma’s strong desire for self-improvement led her to seize a lifetime opportunity. Coming from humble beginnings in Mohammadpur, Reshma demonstrated a natural talent for creativity and a passion for cooking and tailoring. Through her dedication and hard work, she earned money to support her family while honing her skills. Under the dedicated guidance of her passionate teachers at the centre, Reshma soared to new heights, mastering the intricacies of MS Excel and MS Word. Her remarkable proficiency in these essential digital skills showcases the transformative impact that proper mentorship and quality education can have on individuals, empowering them to excel in the modern world.


Upon completing her computer training, Reshma’s exceptional performance earned her an internship opportunity at Policy Bazaar through a partner organization. She is confident that her dedication will lead to a full-time employment offer from Policy Bazaar. Reshma now aims to pursue her graduation through distance education, further enhancing her academic qualifications. Her determination serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the transformative impact of education and skill-building initiatives.

In recent years, the demand for skilled healthcare workers has seen a significant rise, reflecting the growing need for quality healthcare services. Shahin, a determined young girl, found herself at the forefront of this demand-driven transformation. Her journey with Literacy India’s Pathshala/Karigari project showcases the power of timely skill development and its impact on underprivileged individuals.

Hailing from a humble background, Shahin had completed her 10+2 exams while attending a government school. Her thirst for knowledge and aspiration to uplift her family’s financial situation fueled her drive to seek new skills. Recognizing this determination, the team at Literacy India introduced Shahin to the General Duty Assistant Course, an opportunity that aligned perfectly with the rising demand for healthcare workers.

Shahin, captivated by the possibilities, seized the opportunity and enrolled in the General Duty Nursing (GDA) course facilitated by a partner organization.

 She diligently honed her skills and knowledge, preparing herself to excel in the healthcare field. As her training concluded, the Literacy India teachers stepped in to help Shahin prepare for a job interview at Fortis Hospital. Her newfound skills and timely training not only made her employable but also instilled a sense of confidence and self-reliance within her.


Literacy India’s support and guidance played a pivotal role in Shahin’s journey, enabling her to secure a brighter future for herself and her family.