Rainwater Harvesting and Solar Power Plant

Recharging groundwater for environmental sustainability

One of the significant achievements of 2019-20 was the launch of the Environmental Sustainability Project for ground water recharge. With support from Mastercard volunteers, Literacy India started 3 rainwater harvesting systems in Gurgoan, Haryana, Vadodara, Gujrat and Jhalawar Rajasthan.Bry Air (Asia) supported the installation of a 15 CUM rainwater harvesting pit at LI’s School in Bajghera. It has a potential capacity to store 3,00,000 litres of water per annum. In Vadodara, a rainwater harvesting pit was made in TP-13 and handed over to the school before the onset of the monsoons to collect and save rainwater. This pit has 2,00,000 litres water recharge potential per annum. Mastercard supported the execution of this initiative.

Rajashthan has huge water crisis during summer months. Students from the Government Primary School Gajwara Manoharthana in Jhalawar set up small rainwater pit to increase water level of the local well from which the school sources water. This summer, the school did not face a water crisis. The children were taught about how sustainable resources can be used to protect our environment.

Using solar energy to power our mission

Burning fossil fuels to generate power leads to harmful emissions that have serious environmental and health implications on the community. A 10 KW solar power plant was installed in our Bajghera premises in 2017, and, till date, we have harnessed the power of the sun to generate 480000 KW of electricity to meet our energy needs.

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