Giving Wings to Dreams

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June 2, 2022
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June 7, 2022

Giving Wings to Dreams

Story of Change

Niharika, Student @ IIT Chennai

National CadetCorps carves out courage and perseverance in most of the students whoparticipate in its various activities. NCC makes us an all-rounder and greatfor the character building. This is a Story of a Cadet name Niharika whose lifetook a nosedive when she lost her father in the year 2010. Her family wentthrough a massive emotional and financial crisis. Being an Air-Wing Cadet, shehad opted for science, and in due course, She landed at IIT, Chennai andstarted pursuing Aerospace Engineering (Dual-Degree).

 Literacy India is supporting herEngineering Degree as we being a part of WiT ( Women in Tech Forum started byRBS along with many partners) which helps Girls pursue studies in technology,especially if they are from the underserved background.

Niharika belongs to Patna, Bihar. Toughlife takes a toll on most of us,human-beings, Niharika was not spared. Herstarting days in Chennai away from home a territory where no one spoke Hindi,was very lonely, and her grades also suffered initially. However, her hardresolve made her come up in no time.

  In2019, She managed a summer internship in Walmart Labs India as well as a summerresearch opportunity at Purdue University which unfortunately got cancelled dueto COVID-19.

At the beginning of 2020, she won Pratibhaaward. It was a competition wherein she Secured bronze medal in women’spowerlifting championship which was held at IIT Madras. She learnt many newskills like Martial Arts, Guitar Playing and continuously improved inacademics. They say sports and Extra-Curricular activities does lead toholistic growth, her academics improved a great deal.

As per Niharika “ I am so thankful to the Literacy India and RBS for sponsoring my College Education and my hostel feesas I was always worried about my finances. But now, I am relieved and can focuson my career. I am also able to manage my daily expenditure by doing aninternship. I now have the freedom to try different things, experiment new thingsin life, and grow in all aspects, not just academically.

I don’t have to think a lot before buyingnew books, sports equipment. Being a single mother raising and educating twodaughters, It was challenging for my mother. Now in future, I plan to SponsorEducation and Guide needy children, when I become financially independent. I ama firm believer in “If there is a will there’s a way” and I know I am going tomake everyone Proud.” 

After writing about her I like to mention that I too started my Life as an Air-Wing NCC Cadet and I owe my growth in life to it as it made me think about Nation Building, I learnt about different languages and States in India while being part of Republic Day Camps. Niharika`s Camp started from Bihar to Chennai is teaching her diversity as well. She will, I m sure will go places as her challenges and her environment is making her stronger and courageous day by day while Literacy India watches over as her guardian.

Giving Wings to Dreams

Giving Wings to Dreams