Overcoming Financial Hurdles through Education

A Remarkable Journey of Resilience and Empowerment
May 14, 2024

Overcoming Financial Hurdles through Education

Despite her family’s modest income, Aradhna, a fifth-grade student, is excelling in academics. Aradhna’s father, Suresh Kumar Yadav, works in a photocopy shop, earning a humble monthly salary of Rs. 11,000 to support his family of five. With expenses like rent and education weighing heavily on their finances, every day presents a new challenge for the family. However, amidst these struggles, Aradhna’s thirst for knowledge remains undeterred. 

When Aradhna had joined Literacy India’s digital education program, GyanTantra, she faced numerous challenges in Hindi, English, and Math. Concepts like long vowels, Bara khadi in Hindi, and multiplication and division in Mathematics seemed daunting at first. However, with the dynamic learning platform and the support of her teachers, Aradhna embarked on a journey of improvement.

Through GyanTantra’s tailored educational activities and personalized attention, Aradhna found the guidance she needed to overcome her initial challenges. Engaging activities like “Here and There” in English provided her with a dynamic learning experience, while targeted assignments addressed her specific areas of struggle. Her commitment to learning shone through in the 1st unit test, where she scored exceptionally well, particularly excelling in Hindi with an impressive 28 out of 30 marks. As the mid-tests rolled around, Aradhna’s dedication bore fruit, reflecting an overall score of 80 out of 100 marks. Notably, her performance in English and Hindi showcased remarkable improvement, indicating her diligence and hard work.

Aradhna’s journey underscores the importance of individualized attention and tailored educational activities in nurturing talent and shaping a brighter future.