Santoshi, Who worked for her Success

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June 7, 2022
Progress has little to do with speed but much to do with direction
June 7, 2022

Literacy India believes in empowering people with skill-building, skill training, and skill development programs in creating employment opportunities and end unemployment. With such programs for generating sustainable livelihood, it has shown many people the path of Success by making them capable to become self-reliant. Here, Santoshi’s story is one such example.


She is a 25 year old girl and a resident of Sanjay Colony, Bhati Mines, New Delhi.  Four years ago, Santoshi was pursuing ClassXII with dreams in her eyes for Success. As said, Success comes to those who work for it’, She looked for opportunities around to completing Class XII and joined patient care training program started by Literacy India Partner. Literacy India supported her admission fee, transportation, uniform for the training period. With her hard work and dedication, she completed her training program and was placed in a reputed hospital with an honorarium of Rs 8000 per month.

Santoshi says, ‘I still remember my first day of work, passing the street with my father and came across the terrible mentality of community people. They asked my father several weird questions and made him uncomfortable, but my father didn’t care, and he supported me.’

Santoshi happily continued working over the years and further pursued an advance Patient Care course in the daytime while working in night shift in the Hospital. She is a girl with perseverance, and she worked day and night. After which she was promoted and given the responsibility of the Hospital’s general ward with a salary of Rs.22, 000 per month. 

In the Hospital, Santoshi’s key responsibilities are to deliver the health care services as instructed by Doctors,nurses and other healthcare providers. At the time of COVID-19 pandemic, she also took care of COVID patients for one month in the Hospital. Santoshi feels proud to see herself earning and supporting family where a mother is a housewife and father a daily wage laborer who is presently unemployed due to job losses during the lockdown.Her Income helped in sister`s marriage.

Santoshi is thankful to Literacy India for providing her with an opportunity for a training program that transformed her life.

She feels that Literacy India made her capable of earning a decent salary which in turn supports her family.Literacy India feels proud of Santoshi.