Diversity and Sustainability

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May 28, 2022
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May 28, 2022

Diversity and Sustainability

Impressions of Young Mind

Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, will always be an inspiration in our minds in times to come. There are so many things he said which are suitable for this generation also. Our children celebrated the day with his quotes, showcasing “Unity in Diversity” with their impressionable minds. Very Important to remain Resilient and Literacy India carries a  “Recovery Plan” for the bottom of the pyramid.

Diversity and Sustainability

Paving The Way Through Sustainability

Farming is a profession of hope and perseverance. It is perhaps the only profession that is as much dependent on external forces as it is on internal factors. A farmer’s strength is his ability to produce a rich harvest from a handful of seeds. In India, small and marginal farmers make 85% of the farming community. However, due to the size of their lands, they only produce enough harvest to sustain themselves and are unable to earn a decent living. To increase their yield produce, Literacy India took an initiative to train farmers in organic farming methods.
The initiative helped 45-year-old Omkar Lal from Pacheta Village, Rajasthan, who adopted organic farming on his 2 bigha farmland. Earlier, he restricted his farming methods to traditional practices and grew conventional crops like wheat and a few seasonal vegetables. He struggled to make ends meet and even after years of toiling the land there was little progress in his lifestyle. After participating in the organic farming initiative organised by Literacy India, he additionally started growing garlic, onion and wheat in rotation. He applied techniques and methods shared by industry professionals. Along with changing crop patterns, he used organic manure instead of chemical pesticide that helped save the cost of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The use of organic manure improved soil health, increased yield and decreased the overall cost.
Over the years, Omkar has reaped enormous benefits through this initiative and has been strongly encouraging other farmers to join the program. He now has the material to prepare a Liquid Waste Decomposer which he will use on his farm and share with the other farmers. This will help him reduce his farm waste by converting it into organic compost.
Literacy India has supported 1000+ farmers like Omkar in turning their lives around. Organic farming methods not only lead to the diversification of produce but also contributes to the health of the soil. Our aim is to equip each farmer to be self-sufficient and help them on their path to achieving a better and financial future.

Stitching Back Tradition

Festivals of India enriches our Mind and Soul. Covid Clouds are slowly receding and we hope to bounce back with our women empowerment Social enterprise Indha . Do visit our website www.indha.in.

 Meanwhile watch the Creations of Joyful Handmade product on this Video and if you wish to make Indha your choice  for your company or for your loved ones.write to at indha@literacyindia.org .Wish you a very Happy Diwali.