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Build upon strengths, and weaknesses will gradually take care of themselves
June 8, 2022
Leader in the Making
June 8, 2022

Literacy India has been working in District Jhalawar, Rajasthan for over a decade. Our main job is to Educate and Empower the community. Many of our marginal farmers with small holdings have been encouraged to go for Vegetable production and start retailing their vegetable produce, especially during the ongoing lock down due to COVID-19.

Mangi Lal is also one of them who earned during Lock down period and had no financial crisis. Mangi Lal, a small farmer in Village Chandipur, had been trained on Organic Farming under Literacy India for over two years. This paid off handsomely during the lockdown when he earned a sum of Rs.20,000 by selling vegetables.

In this summer season, he had cultivated Lady Finger, Brinjal and Onion on his land. Still, he was unable to find a place to sell them due to lockdown. He was worried but later looked for all possible solutions to sell his vegetable door to door also in the local Haat through his Vending Thela.

Literacy India feels proud with his success, and commend the efforts he made during the COVID Crisis. 45 years old Mangi Lal use to be the poor farmer of the village and unable to earn much from farming due to ancient techniques of farming using chemical fertilizers. Two years ago, Literacy India took the initiative of Organic farming technical training. The Awareness sessions in Village Chandipur were conducted to make the Farmers understand the concept of Organic farming and the yield from it. Mangi Lal liked what he learnt from his training and had been consistent for two years which enhanced productivity of his crops leading to revenue generation.

Mangi Lal says “I earned a decent amount during this quarter from selling vegetables, which is sufficient for my household expenditure for the next six months. I will continue Vegetable farming for regular income. Thank you, Literacy India, for providing me with the opportunity to join the Organic Farmer`s group and for providing me with technical guidance.”