Gaurav’s Journey with Literacy India’s Remedial Program

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Gaurav’s Journey with Literacy India’s Remedial Program

Twelve-year-old Gaurav, an 8th-grade student residing in Chhawla, joined Literacy India’s Remedial program around six months back. His father, a shopkeeper, earns a modest monthly income of around 12,000 rupees. Gaurav’s mother manages the household, taking care of Gaurav and his two younger brothers.  

Gaurav’s academic struggles prompted his family to enroll him in the Remedial program. They learned about the program through a survey held by our organization. His pre-test scores in Math, Science, and English were quite low with his average standing at a mere 12 out of 100. Recognizing the need for intervention, Gaurav joined the program, seeking guidance in overcoming his academic challenges.  

With the dedicated support of Remedial program teachers, Gaurav experienced a remarkable transformation within just three months. Teachers encouraged him to voice his doubts without hesitation, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. Gaurav’s scores improved significantly, reaching 66 out of 100. His active participation in class discussions and newfound confidence in asking questions highlighted the impact of personalized attention and encouragement. 

The Remedial program’s use of interactive smart boards and additional applications proved instrumental in Gaurav’s progress. Specifically designed for subjects like Math, Science, and English, these resources helped Gaurav grasp complex concepts more effectively. The interactive and engaging nature of technology contributed to his enhanced understanding and academic improvement. 

Gaurav’s commitment to learning extends beyond regular classes. He has a keen interest in attending vocational training sessions on robotics and hardware as well, reflecting his enthusiasm for exploring diverse educational opportunities. Despite continued progress, Gaurav identified Math as an area for improvement, demonstrating a growth mindset and a willingness to improve. 

Gaurav feels grateful for the Remedial program, recognizing the value of the resources being provided free of cost. With Gaurav’s dedication, aspirations, and the ongoing support of the Remedial program, there are high hopes for his future. Gaurav’s journey reflects the transformative power of education and the positive outcomes achievable through dedicated support and innovative teaching.