Sweta Srivastav: Fights patriarchy, aims to be an entrepreneur

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April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021

After Sweta Srivastava completed her Class 12 exam, her father and brother were insistent that she get married. Even though she did not want that for herself, coming from an orthodox family, no one paid heed to her wishes.

Sweta soon slipped into depression. Her mother was worried about her and enrolled her in Literacy India’s programme. In 2019 she joined to train as a beautician and picked up the skills quickly. Her mother hoped that LI would provide her a platform where she could meet other women and take up vocational training. She completed the course successfully and then joined a course on accessories making.

After two successive seasons at Literacy India’s centre there was a change in her behavior. She started interacting with others in the group and even enjoyed the classes. She has even made and sold jewelry sets of her own at Rs 300, which was her first income.

Currently an Indha Artisan, she earns Rs 1,500 a month and her dream to earn and live independently has been achieved. As she is gradually overcoming her depression, she has two wishes to fulfill: Open a bank account and buy a smart phone. She plans to market her products on social media and run her own business in the future.