Toilet Story

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June 8, 2022
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June 20, 2022
Many of us don’t know what the meaning of clean Toilet is. People use the Toilet and leave it dirty. Literacy India`s innovation “Gyantantra Digital Dost” which is a multimedia-based holistic educational program up to class VI has a part of Value Education and  “Toilet Story” was added with a story of a Young Boy who goes to his native village and how he is curious to know all about Making of Toilets at home to its proper use.
“Use of Toilet”
The activity conducted with the students of Gyantantra at Literacy India where students were shown a Toilet Story module, to sensitize them on the use of Toilet and Basic Hygiene Practices to follow.
All the students understood the importance of Cleanliness in the Toilet as Unhygienic conditions could lead to diseases such as Typhoid, diarrhea. They now practice the following things learned .
  • Please don’t leave the Toilet unclean after use, as understood its significance ·
  • Sit properly on a toilet seat to maintain the necessary hygiene.
  • Wash hands with soap after using Toilet .
  • Don’t take anything to eat inside ·
  • Take water in a bucket in case of no water. ·
  • Students reported that one of the parent use to smoke inside the Toilet and student was able to convince him not to do such things.
  • Two students said, their friends use to defecate in the open and now make use of Toilet ·
  • Some students reported, they were able to bring the behavior change in their younger brothers of taking eatables packet inside the Toilet. · 
  • One student stated, she visited her neighbour`s house to make him aware about the importance of Cleanliness in Toilet, she told neighbour that their Toilet stinks throughout the day which led to a change that now their Toilet is clean and doesn’t smell any longer.
Babli, 13, lives in the slum area and having shared toilet facilities in the community. Earlier her neighbour’s son make use of toilet and leave it dirty for others. Babli spoke to her mother, who approached him and conveyed the same, which led to change that the neighbour`s son now makes sure, he leaves the Toilet clean.

Vipin lives in a joint family. They have Toilet at home, but his Uncle used to go outside in an open area. He counseled his Uncle as to how bad it can be for his health and his Uncle now stopped open defecation and used the home Toilet.

Students won Silver , Gold and Bronze Stars while doing the program.