Career Mela

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December 19, 2022
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February 2, 2023

Career Mela

Lakshya (Our Aim)

Our choices in life for a career go through a journey of learning, personal growth, working to earn their living and experiencing life through challenges to victory. There is an environment where learning never stops and skill development growth never stops. Nurtured through our childhood by our mentors, we expand our knowledge and work experience. With the vision in mind, we learn to be confident with our developed skills and expertise. 

Literacy India nurtures the students’ untapped talents, which they have yet to discover in themselves. Literacy India has made a breakthrough in impacting the education landscape by providing practical skill training in various career possibilities of diverse industries and work sectors, along with their education. 



Literacy India’s event, LAKSHYA CAREER MELA, in December 2022, with the motto of ‘March towards skills’, was organized to make the students aware of various career options available and what ideal career is to their interest of choice. More than 500 students and educators representing various Literacy India Centres, viz; Purulia, Salkia, Kolkata (West Bengal); Jharna, Bokaro (Jharkhand); Alchi, (Ladakh); Vadodara (Gujarat); Manoharthana, Jhalawar, (Rajashthan); Gurugram, Bhim-Nagar, Bajghera (Haryana)  and Bijwasan, Chhawla, (New Delhi)  benefitted from the event.

Sunil Vashishta, Founder of Flying Cakes and Famous  Photographer Mr Vicky Roy shared their real-life experience and motivated the students to ‘dream and realize the dream’ with a ‘never say die attitude’ and to possess a ‘keep trying until you succeed’ attitude. Other Speakers who were actual life Role Models were Rajiv Jain, Architect, and Yogvinder Singh, along with Naveen Goswami, Software Engineer & Game Developers. Naresh Lakhani, an awe inspiring speaker ,a Chartered Accountant by profession, told about their life struggles, work challenges achievements of what they have become today. All of them made the students understand that life is not easy; it revolves around work-life balance and hardships.


 Career Counsellors Shruti Jain, Gaurav Sachdeva, Manu Sakania, and Richa Bhatnagar beautifully explained the career options. They gave the students better clarity on which professions interest them more and are right for them. There are plenty of skill training courses offered and taught in the school, such as graphic designing, robotics, web development, paramedical courses, beauty & wellness, electrical training, tailoring, computer and mobile repairing, networking and many more. Students thoroughly engaged in understanding the career perspective, and they asked many questions to clear their doubts, coming across their minds. They even understood what subjects to take in their 11th and 12th Grades to do the further study course to make their future in that particular profession. Students are very knowledgeable and well-communicative. They know about most of the current news affairs and are keen to learn and advance their skills from wherever they can grasp. 

Awe- Inspiring Takeaway

Students were informed about the Entrepreneurship program EMC program by Delhi government where class 11 students are given 2000/ money and information about Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU).

·         Learn about difficulties and challenges that life offers and how to deal with them.

·         Children learned how to start and improve life from zero.

·         Students learnt about various courses available in the market.

·         They learnt that mathematics is an important subject, and they should Excel in it if they want to crack engineering or SSC exams.

·         They learnt that choosing a course as per one’s interest is important to excel in your job.

·         In the area of Hardcore Construction and Building something from the ground up following was talked about

a)      Building Architect

b)      Landscape Architect

c)      urban Planner

d)      Restoration Architect

e)      Extreme Architect

f)       Lighting Architect


·         Students learnt the importance of English to get government jobs.

·         Students learnt about polytechnic courses available.

·         New information about Production Designer, Industrial Designer, Video Game Designer and Virtual Reality (VR) Designer

·          Some of the future platforms of gaming industry will be heavily relying on: 

a)      Virtual reality

b)      Augmented reality

c)      Machine Learning