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Mohit: A budding footballer

At the state-level under-14 football tournament held in Goa in Aug 2019, an 11-year-old boy caught everyone’s attention. He is Mohit Pandey, a student of class VI A. Mohit represented the team from Haryana, which played and won several matches.

Mohit possesses a great passion for football. His interest in football started around age 8 when he would watch his brother and his friends playing. However, his parents opposed his wish to play the game in the belief that it would distract him from academics. Mohit remained persistent and his parents, finally, relented.

He devotes two hours in a day to football practice under the guidance of coach Mahender. For the past two years, Mohit has been training hard to improve his skills.

Mohit is an energetic child who is equally hard-working when it comes to studies. His academic graph has been consistently rising. He currently lives in Bajghera village, Gurugram, with his family. He hopes to represent India one day.