Priyanka: She believed she could, so she did

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April 7, 2021
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April 7, 2021

Priyanka lives in New Palam Vihar with her parents and two brothers. Her father is a tailor and mother a domestic worker, together earning Rs 8000 per month. Her family migrated from Bihar for better livelihood opportunities and children’s education. She joined Literacy India in UKG and is now in Class X. She is shy by nature and doesn’t interact much with her classmates. Quietly, she dreamt of becoming a doctor. But her dream was almost shattered when she was offered humanities in class X based on her previous academic record. She requested an academic co-ordinator for an opportunity to prove her calibre in science and was given subjects of her choice. This has been the turning point of her life.

She has started working hard, keeping an eye on her goal. Her ability to comprehend Science and Mathematics has improved remarkably, forcing her teachers to take note. Priyanka has shown us the value of self-motivation.