The Story Behind the Smile

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February 2, 2023
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March 30, 2023

The Story Behind the Smile

Radha Devi belongs to a small village Majhigaya, Bihar. She lost her father in her childhood and never went to school after that. Radha Devi talked about her village being naturally beautiful. While there was a natural beauty in her village, she hated the open defecation, and women would get up early morning to relieve themselves. As a child, Radha remembered going with her mother to the forest or the river banks. She is 45 now, and the government has launched a scheme to support making toilets at home.

Radha devi is the only daughter among four brothers and was her father’s favourite. After her father’s death, she lost her elder brother, who was the breadwinner for the family, leaving the family burdened with poverty and an uncertain future. She was married off without much thought, and her husband became an alcoholic. Whatever he earned could not support her family; now she has three sons

Her family moved to Gurgaon in search of a better life. Radha Devi wanted to be an earning member like many women who once in the city had the freedom to work. She had no skill nor any education. Radha Devi found a haven in Literacy India, where she was encouraged to learn block printing skills. She naturally responded to the craft. Beautiful colours and block designs on fabric lifted her spirits. She became part of the Women empowerment brand of Literacy India called”INDHA”.

Literacy India believes in 4 Es– education, employment enablement, empowerment and environmental sustainability. At the same time, education is at the core of its efforts to bring in greater inclusivity and mainstream the marginalized, enabling employment.

Literacy India’s Karigari project aims to provide grassroots vocational skills to vulnerable rural communities without access to skills that will help them get employment. Initiated in 2002, the main motto of this project is ‘learn while you earn’, to plug the gap and to drive each Karigari trainee towards economic and social empowerment through Indha – Project.

owl blockprinted fabric